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"Shamanism is an ancient, cross cultural technique used to access the spirit world in order to gain healing, information and advice in our daily lives. Ecology is the study of interactions among organisms and their environment. Eco shamanism helps bring the world of spirit and our sensate world into a closer communion."


Mandy Pullen - Eco Shamanism

Distance Healing

There are alternative ways of connecting with people energetically.  I am able to offer distant healing for those who wish it and also being able to connect through Zoom and WhatsApp.


 At times like these the alternative modalities begin to shine through as it is even more important to be creative and know there are ways of being 'touched' and met. You are warmly invited to contact me to see if this is a suitable option for you.



"Lisa got the gist of what I was asking for straight away and very compassionately asked all the right questions in a very direct and unemotional way that immediately put me at my ease. She then went away came back to me with a task and we set a date for a distant healing. This was wonderful and I felt a lot better afterwards" Jane Embleton

hollow bone

Shamanic work is spirit led

The shamanic practitioner is simply a tool, the intention is to tune in, as an instrument to spirit - like a clay pipe or traditionally a hollow bone.


There's often a taboo to using the word 'spirit' and our materialistic world thinking, prevents us, from accessing the fact that behind all things physical, a spiritual reality exists.  


Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to this other reality and transforming their wellbeing and healing with the help of Shamanic practices and other paths of self-awareness. 


creative beginnings 

After someone makes an inquiry I go through a process where, as the practitioner,  I do a Shamanic journey to ask for guidance from spirit as to how I may best help the client. We then discuss these directions  from the journey and arrange an appointment.

spirit moving

Being  open and receptive helps with the unfoldment of the shamanic journey. People get a sense of coming home within. Feeling more connected, more whole, more themselves. During the session there is a natural flow with plenty of time for discussion and questions from the client. Through the feeling of trust and knowing that both of us are comfortable, I am able to journey on their behalf.


Some of the practices used are listed below. 

 shamanic practise:

  • extraction medicine - a shift or change to spiritual blockages, making way for a clearer space.

  • power animal retrieval - journeying to bring a protective and helping spirit.

  • soul retrieval - bringing home, to heart, those aspects of us that wish to return with their gifts.

  • heart purpose/sacred dreams - embodying the Earth as heart, living with our inner and outer lives in truth.

  • distant healing - connecting with others beyond a physically shared space.

  • Eco Mapping - a shift in perspective - an interplay of the human soul and the Animus Mundi (World Soul), conversing through the sixth sense. Omens, signs, presences, are a few of Nature’s way of guiding us, like a map, revealing things magically before us. We may sense these more clearly, as we go out and connect with Nature.


2-3 hours +  £95 inclusive

(preparation journeying, session and report)

There are concessions available and the willingness to accommodate where possible.

Please get in touch via the contact page.

eco shamanism

My training and practice is very much focused on eco-shamanism. 

Eco Shamanism takes place in the Middle World reality where healing is more than simply a human 'happening' but a conscious connection with the wider ecology and life. In these realms there are subtle energies that merge and blend with us. We may sense them in a visceral way. By going more deeply and with clarity, we learn to go beyond the physical senses and let go of arbitrary interpretation. 


To find yourself as part of the world around you enhances natural health and healing not just to us as humans but also to the soul of the world.


I had a very powerful series of Shamanic healing sessions with Lisa in 2020 when I was having some family difficulties that was causing me a lot of distress. It felt like an acute healing as it was starting to affect my physical wellbeing. She got the gist of what I was asking for straight away and very compassionately asked all the right questions in a very direct and unemotional way that immediately put me at my ease. She then went away came back to me with a task and we set a date for a distant healing. This was wonderful and I felt a lot better afterwards, I had things to concentrate on during the healing and there was a further task on the completion of the healing too. 
I then had another session in person to work on the wider issues. This session had a very different quality and also had preparatory work for me to do and think of which is great as it put me into a position where I had some input. 
Since the work the family issue has eased considerably from my perspective and the wider work has opened up a channel of communication with some very ancient ancestors which feels very special and will be ongoing.

Lisa is my first call for Ancestral Shamanic healing she gives it a lot of consideration and is very careful to explain the process and made me feel very safe and held right the way through .


Jane Embleton



I was very honored to be part of a small group who went on a guided walk with Lisa. The focus was on our sensory and internal experience, leaving behind the everyday chatter of our minds and interactions as we were guided though the landscape. Lisa held and guided the group with ease and with passion for her connection with this land.  It was a very deep and rich experience; connecting way beyond the surface beauty with trees, rocks, plants and animals to uncover those aspects of myself that they reflected.

Lucy Stott



Its like I have never been comfortable in my own skin - never - and now I am a jigsaw, all the pieces have fallen into place and I feel calm. After this (shamanic healing) I feel peace in my heart and it feels full and not heavy, just full and happy.



Experiencing Lisa's Shamanic work has been transformative, things started to change for me after working with her, I felt a shift; not only did I experience a profound sense of calm and peace I found the way back to my positive, confident and creative self - it was exactly the restoration that I needed - I also felt a deep sense of healing and insight into life, spiritual and physical health.

Catherine Murray

I received healing from Lisa last year for an emotional issue and initially felt no change other than being nicely relaxed and cheerful as I left. After a couple of days, however, I felt a growing improvement and joy that my particular problem was easing, accompanied by a profound glow of self-knowledge. I am left with the reassurance that my body, mind and spirit are now appreciably changed for the better and I feel the benefits every day. I have another session booked and I look forward to deepening this feeling which, without beginning to understand Lisa'a gift for healing, I can only call self-love.

Andrew Pearson 

I first saw Lisa for a shamanic session in May 2018. Having been very intrigued by the process I found myself to be slightly apprehensive of what it entailed. Yet Lisa's calming, warm and welcoming manner instantly put me at ease. The first session bought me feelings of deep peace and fascination, with energy work providing great insight into my life - past, present and future. The subsequent sessions were met in the same way, with Lisa's serene and calming presence removed any anxiety about the journey we would take together. After the third session - the first to clear negative energy, the second to retrieve any lost soul parts and the third to discover my heart/soul purpose - I found myself, for the first time in my life, feeling a wholeness, oneness, and completeness, of mind, body and soul. I cannot thank or recommend Lisa enough for her manner, friendly demeanour, wisdom and incredible gifts in the shamanic realm, I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.


Amy Thommey


My session of distant healing with Lisa has allowed me to discover and delve into aspects of my existence that are not tangible or thought often in my daily routine. Through meditation and the connection between us, I have been able to find out some parts of myself hidden or forgotten.

It has been a wonderful experience to allow time for me and my personal knowledge, besides getting some valuable guidelines for my daily life, I am very grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

Ana Hermosille

I had a shamanic walk with Lisa, I was a little sceptical at the start, but decided I would put my reservations aside and participate 100%. After all, how would I know for sure if it’s all a load of poppy cock, if I didn’t invest fully in the next 2 hours.  She guided me on a walk, pointed things out, asked questions, observed, listened, ...patiently. The whole time we were 100% present and alert, surrounded by nature. It was a pleasure in itself. To my surprise, while I always thought that signs from nature  can be interpreted in many ways, to suit our situations, the amount of coincidences relevant to the question I had asked, were too many for any skeptic to dismiss. I even saw a poster about my area of interest, in the most unlikely country lane, from the most unlikely source. So while I can’t explain everything, I would wholeheartedly trust Lisa to be, as true Shamans are, 100% committed to serving the community and individuals best interests, someone who walks the talk in her own life and own practice. 

Florentia Buckingham

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