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Soulful, Creative, Intuitive



L I S A  S A U N D E R S

Colour can be experienced as the pallet of the soul. Soulscape Wisdom is  the insight that connects soul and landscape by accessing Nature internally

"...after many measured hours, given with diligence and zeal to Art alone, Nature may freely glow again within." 
J.W. Goethe

sketching on garway hill

artists statement

I have long regarded myself as part of the landscape: sky, rocks, hills, rivers and trees. To loose myself enough in Nature and by entering an intuitive creative process that is improvised rather than preconceived. Colour is a form of interpretation of what one sees with the senses. Painting is not a refuge from life but an intensification of living. The experience of working with a painting as it unfolds brings me home to who I am and so I hope to always have the art of painting as my life expression.

art works



Some of these are fresh in their own right and others lead onto further work.


Commissioned work from tuning into an individual person or the land


welcome to view these video snippets

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