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"...after many measured hours, given with diligence and zeal to Art alone, Nature may freely glow again within." 
J.W. Goethe
L I S A  S A U N D E R S

Colour can be experienced as the pallet of the soul. Soulscape Wisdom is  the insight that connects soul and landscape by accessing Nature internally



I have long regarded myself as part of the landscape: sky, rocks, hills, rivers and trees. To lose myself enough in nature and by entering an intuitive creative process that is improvised rather than preconceived. Colour is a form of interpretation of what one sees with the senses. Painting is not a refuge from life but an intensification of living. The experience of working with a painting as it unfolds brings me home to who I am and so I hope to always have the art of painting as my life expression.

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tumbling mist

art and nature diaries

Art and Nature Diaries is the name of my YouTube channel. Here, I am able to show a developing relationship with art and nature. The aim is to show a living connection, as a visual diary, by showing my creative journey.

'Creativity at Llangorse Lake'


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