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Soulful, Creative, Intuitive

L I S A  S A U N D E R S



" Shamanism is an ancient cross cultural technique used to access the spirit world in order to gain healing, information and advice in our daily lives."

holistic massage

shamanic massage

There's more and more evidence of the healing power of massage; applying

massage technique, though, is more than a given formula. There is an understanding of the effects a technique has on the surface of the body and on the systems within it.

A skilful therapist uses their

knowledge of anatomy,  physiology and pathology, alongside intuition. During the first meeting with the client, an outline of their medical history and wishes are shared in order to create the best holistic massage possible for them.



Shamanic massage invites healing and insight into spiritual and physical health. It has the potential for powerful change and release work for the soul body.

In practice the massage involves a unique meeting of intuitive touch and connection with the Spirit world. It becomes like a creative dance between the two and can have life-changing positive outcomes.  (Do view some testimonials below.) 

Trauma related experiences

With the world around us changing rapidly and all that it brings up for us internally, the word 'trauma' is now being used more regularly. The levels of trauma and how we relate to them are expanding as are the methods of working with people who are suffering from trauma. Massage and bodywork is being recognised as a positive approach to meeting this painful human experience. As disassociation becomes part of our 'new normal', know that there are many qualified practitioners who are consciously helping people to connect to the healing part of themselves. 

The Massage Training Institute is a recognised body that offers a listing of experienced and qualified Holistic Massage Therapists, of which I am a member. 

F e e s


fees for holistic massage

Appointments :

1 Hour    £50  /  concessions    £40  

90 mins  £65

2 Hour    £90

fees for shamanic massage

Shamanic Massages are usually two hours long unless another arrangement has been made with me before the appointment.

2 - 3 hours  £95

Concessionary rates are available.

cancellation fee

Please give at least 48 hour notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment , otherwise I shall need to charge in full for the missed appointment - thank you


"Lisa brings together a charm in  her lightness of spirit and a strength in her touch. You have a feeling of being in safe hands"


Tony Ella - holistic massage

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Working with Lisa over a long period of time has helped me to build a deep trust around releasing trauma in this safe environment. The combination of shamanic and bodywork is a fusion that has become one unique element I resonate with. Beautiful memories have surfaced which have strengthened me.

B Kelly - shamanic and holistic massage

I am sports massage and back pain therapist and usually spend my time resolving other people's injuries and so it was an absolute pleasure to receive a deeply connected and healing massage from Lisa.  Lisa's touch is precise, opening and ultimately nurturing in nature and as therapist to a therapist I really appreciate the work that you are bringing Lisa, thank you.

Marc Adams - holistic massage

A visit to Lisa is always different. Each session starts with a conversation that sets the direction the massage takes. She always works instinctively, intuitively and sensitively and that's why I keep going back.

Nigel Bell - holistic massage

My experience of Shamanic Healing/Extraction with Lisa was a journey into the unknown. I trusted her implicitly and at no time did I feel concerned or upset.

Her hands on my body were soothing, comforting, safe. Her voice and presence relaxed me and gave the confidence to let go and let the process take its course. The next day my physical pain had significantly reduced and my spirit felt lighter.  

C.S - shamanic massage


I always think of massages as two types.. intelligent ones and a textbook ones. Lisa gives intelligent massages. The type of massage that stands out, because the masseur is 100% invested in it, they instinctively know to put their hands exactly where I need manipulation without me having to voice it,  the massage is a pleasure throughout, combining soft and hard in the right order, and the masseur is genuinely ‘giving’ of their time without clock watching.  I’d recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a treat with a relaxing therapeutic massage."

Florentia Buckingham - holistic massage


I feel in safe capable hands being massaged by Lisa. She knows the body! And more importantly knows how to sense the body under her hands in the moment. Her sensitive but firm touch helps bring relief and nurture to my muscles that have become tight and uncomfortable, this doesn't just make my body feel better, it makes all of me feel better, calmer and more relaxed. Lisa brings something unique to massage and I highly recommend her. 

Natasha Alexander - holistic massage

I went to Lisa not to deal with physical injuries but because of soul wounds that I have struggled with for decades. These sort of wounds can't be reached by talking therapies (I've tried lots) because of the defences that mind construct. Lisa's massage is bypassing all that and my wife says the person she glimpsed more than 25 years ago is now emerging."

Richard Hankin - holistic massage

My shamanic massage with Lisa was not like any other massage I have had. She works intuitively with different levels of being, not just the physical as massages predominantly do. 

Words are quite inadequate at times but one very clear healing came when she worked on a very specific part of my body. She recalled after that she had energetically removed a bullet from my leg and described the circumstances of this event from a past life.  It wasn't until a few days later I connected this with an experience of an unexplained injury to the exact same place in my leg that occurred whilst I was doing a massage some years before that had left me unable to walk properly.

It was a very relaxing experience, completely trusting in Lisa and the flow of what she was doing.

Lucy Stott - shamanic massage

Lisa is a gifted healer in the true sense of the word; she is intuitive, with a beautiful generous spirit and an encouraging approach, which at all times are supported by her utmost professionalism whilst working in an atmosphere of safety. The healing experience has 'held', I've noticed a subtle but powerful shift, which has enabled me to discover the tools and empowerment I need for my life ahead.

Lisa is deeply committed, skilled and gifted in accessing information through her Shamanic work and I would highly recommend her to anyone on the path of self-awareness.

Catherine Murray - shamanic massage

Please contact me if you have any inquiries as I am happy to see if I can offer the best massage for you.

thank you


DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website is general in nature and is not intended as a guide to self-medication or meant to substitute for advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. The reader or participant in any events promoted on this website is advised to consult with a physician or other medical professional advice before undergoing any therapy or treatment discussed herein.

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