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Soulful, Creative, Intuitive


Artist & Shamanic practitioner Lisa J Saunders offers you the opportunity to develop your own connection with nature. Whether you are an artist, a passionate environmentalist or seeking emotional calm, below are examples of the options available. Lisa will tailor each experience to you.


"A journey with Lisa is part art class, part nature walk, part soul discovery, part life coaching, part festival... and so much more than the sum of its parts. Be prepared to be enriched, nourished, expanded and challenged. I haven't stopped thinking about it."                  

Emily Swaddle


nature omen walks
depth of field
deeper journey
the journey

Much more than your average nature walk, an Art & Nature Journey offers space and guidance to expand your vision of yourself, our world and your place within it.


When we find new grounding in the landscape, we can open ourselves up to the infinite potentialities of who we are.

Do you feel the call to connect with the spirit of the land?


You are invited on an Art and Nature Journey


  • Mark-making

  • Connect with your own intuition

  • Discover your inner and outer landscapes

  • See with new eyes

  • Relatedness


deeper journey


Deeper journey offers you an introduction to the ideas and practice of Soulscape Wisdom; an understanding that rests in the movement of the living soul: our earth and self.


The beauty of this offering is that it is tailor made for your requirements.

With Lisa's help you will create a unique time for your self in nature; a special one, where you are held within 360 degrees of your surroundings.


Lisa uses her experience as a Nature Facilitator and her knowledge of the vibrant places in the surrounding area, to guide you to a deepening connection to nature and your place in it.   

To the open mind and receptive heart the experience invites you to go beyond your every day life; it can be calming, invigorating or inspiring.


" Lisa exudes warmth, creativity and kindness. During our time together in nature together she manages to distil a lifetime of experience and direct it towards helping me walk my own journey with joy, self-love and playfulness. Lisa helped me deepen my understanding of the questions my heart wished to explore and she guided me gently towards answering those questions. I can't wait to spend time with Lisa again" Chris Blue

As a one to one session

you will be given a grounding into direct sense perception with nature though conversation and artistic connection; whether or not you are experienced in creative arts.

Investment: from £110 - £150 per day

A set fee of £110 includes materials and transport to where we would go in nature

The higher rate covers accommodation at my home with meals 

There are concessions available and the willingness to accommodate where possible.

Please get in touch via the contact page.

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depth of field

Depth of Field experience is about learning to perceive differently.  Lisa leads a small group in a walk inviting you to see differently.  Using cave to hill top or lakeside to hill fort with a few surprises thrown in along the way.  Designed to develop your sense of perspective and observation.  

Connect with art and nature by being part of a small group. The wealth in sharing different perspectives and creative vision given by participants adds to the richness given by the land, bringing depth of field and resonance.


A whole day of deepening, learning and fun


"My normal walking is 10% observation and 90% walking. This day was the reverse... 90% observation!" Richard Hankins

"The natural world is your canvas. Perspective and intuition are your paints. And you, as the traveller, get to be the artist."  Emily Swaddle - Climate Communicator

Pricing: £38 per person 

Maximum number in a group is currently for 6 adults.

For inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

The beauty of depth of field is that you can create your own group of friends, family or work group to have this shared experience or join in with a pre organised gathering. Plenty of space to breath out as well as to connect with nature.


nature omen walks


Omens, signs, presences, are a few of Nature’s way of guiding us, like a map, revealing things magically before us. We may sense these more clearly, as we go out and connect with Nature.


This unique experience will allow you to explore your playful and magical side, held within the mystic landscape of south Wales. As the fun and expansive journey unfolds, travellers will be led by Lisa, as well as taking cues from the natural omens of the land


This is designed for an individual, the start times and location will be created with you in mind. Included is a facilitated walk through nature, a teaching session and the chance to put into practice your own relatedness with nature.

Investment: the first hour is £40

& subsequent hour £20 


For further information please get in touch; questions are

welcome and there is the wish to accommodate where possible.

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"My first Art & Nature Journey was an utter joy. Mystical, fun and revelatory, I loved Lisa's playful spirit and the day just kept on giving more beauty, surprises and extraordinary insights. The first of many journeys I hope to go on. Thank you Lisa for a peak experience that I shall remember with a sparkle in my eyes."

Maxime Longden - artist

"As soon as I began my journey with Lisa I knew I was in the presence of someone who has an immense capacity to bring healing and clarity to others. As the day unfolded I felt parts of myself that I thought I had long lost coming back to life. Connecting with that deep wisdom, I found answers and next steps for some of my life's most stubborn challenges."

Jo Musker-Sherwood - Founder of Climate.Emergence & Eco-Distress Researcher

"A magical event: a led walk out into the land by an experienced artist and connector of the elements and land. Lisa lead a group where we drew what we saw. We made marks that were related expressions and discovered different ways of seeing through the artist's way"

Juliet A - Homeopath

"A journey with Lisa is part art class, part nature walk, part soul discovery, part life coaching, part festival...and so much more than the sum of the parts. Be prepared to be enriched, nourished, expanded and challenged. I haven't stopped thinking about it."

Emily Swaddle - Climate Communicator, & podcaster 

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