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Soulful, Creative, Intuitive

L I S A  S A U N D E R S

Shamanic Practice

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"I came to Lisa for support for lower back pain that I had had for many years. Through her incredible holding, wisdom, training and years of experience I no longer have this pain. I felt safe with her, seen by her and very much heard. She took so much time to truly understand my history and her intuition and connection to higher guidance is so on point. She helped me understand my past more deeply which has benefitted my present. She helped me to free my body up from energy  that wasn't mine. I am wowed by all that she combines; the massage, the walks, the release, the music, the plants, the talking, the listening and more. I thoroughly recommend Lisa and really look forward to our sessions together as each time I see her, I heal another layer or two. Thank you Lisa for your craft and your holding."

Abigail Fox


art and nature diaries

Art and Nature Diaries is the name of my YouTube channel. Here, I am able to show a developing relationship with art and nature. The aim is to show a living connection, as a visual diary, by showing my creative journey.

'Creativity at Llangorse Lake'

" [Lisa} this dynamic journey into the magical landscape you film, land and water elements emerging as your paintings while  sketches and paintings interpret the flow of nature in every stroke of colour. You radiate joy and the wonder of life in a truly captivating way.

Thank you! I'm definitely sharing your work."


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